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AVA was awarded the SEAL of Excellence Certificate
BRUSSELS, March 5, 2018 - AVA was awarded the SEAL of Excellence within EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2014-2020. The award was offered for the project proposal submitted by AVA under Horizon 2020’s SME instrument phase 2. The project 811605, HTCycle which refers to the sewage sludge reuse with phosphate recovery and heavy metals absorption with an innovative HTC technology was scored as a high-quality project proposal in a highly competitive evaluation...
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AVA participates at IFAT trade fair in Munich
AVA is honored to announce its participation at IFAT trade fair which will take place from 14th to 18th of May 2018 at the Munich Exhibition Center. As a HTC technology leader, AVA gladly will present the latest improvements of the hydrothermal carbonization technology for biomass/sewage sludge and its environmental and economic advantages. AVA will be represented at 2 exhibition booths: Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU), Hall B4-239/338 and Deutsche Vereinigung für Wasserw...
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Welcome to AVA GmbH!

AVA GmbH is a company which offers an innovative solution for waste management by using the hydrothermal carbonization technology. The sewage sludge or other residues treated by this technology result into biocoal, thus into a renewable energy source which helps reducing the CO2 emissions.

Ongoing research and development of this technology made AVA GmbH the first company to establish a HTC plant on industrial scale and the first to make possible the phosphorus recovery from biocoal. Hydrothermal carbonization is a process every industry could benefit from and we would be glad to offer this solution to you.

AVA GmbH has its main location in Innovationspark Vorpommern in Murchin, Germany.
Mr. Kusche
Chief Executive Officer
Hydrothermal carbonization plant
a solution for residues and biomass
Hydrothermal carbonization is a chemical process for the conversion of organic compounds to structured carbons. The process, which technically imitates the brown coal formation taking place in nature within 50,000 to 50 million years within a few hours, was investigated by Friedrich Bergius and first described in 1913.
additional support for our clients
AVA GmbH experts provide additional services like: engineering, consultation and planning for the clients that intend use the hydrothermal carbonization as a waste disposal solution which generates products like coal and phosphor.